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Multifamily Insurance

Commercial Insurance Solutions specializes in multifamily insurance. In fact, for the first few years of our company, insuring multifamily buildings was all that we did, and developing that niche has served us and our customers well.

Now, as one of the largest brokers of multifamily insurance nationwide, CIS provides building insurance solutions for hundreds of thousands of multifamily units nationwide, and has become an industry leader and the one-stop shop for all of your multifamily insurance needs.

Unlike some insurance companies, we don’t promote one-size-fits-all insurance solutions from a single provider. As an independent, employee owned insurance broker, we have access to all of the carriers which affords us the flexibility to choose the terms that best suits your unique needs and budget.

In addition, Commercial Insurance Solutions has even partnered with a few select carriers to develop specialized programs (available exclusively to our clients) that offers better coverage options for the more difficult to insure locations including areas such as Florida, the Gulf Coast and even the quake prone areas out on the West Coast.

Since we are licensed to do business nationwide, many of our clients benefit from our ability to leverage their multi-location properties into one convenient solution. Whether it’s all multifamily or a combination of different types of commercial properties, CIS brokers will find a solution.

Our brokers are experienced, highly trained professionals with years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of multifamily insurance and the commercial real estate arena.

In addition to finding competitive coverage options for those difficult to insure properties, we also specialize in providing risk management services that absolutely aid in minimizing losses that result in costly claims. Fewer claims = lower premiums.

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