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Hospitality Insurance

At Commercial Insurance Solutions, we focus on providing superior quality hospitality insurance products and innovative risk-related solutions. We understand the unique requirements for insuring hotels & resorts with the specific public exposures associated with premises, food and beverage.

We also understand our clients need for competitively priced hospitality insurance solutions that include coverage for direct losses to property, stock, lost income, and the timely replacement of assets.

Commercial Insurance Solutions addresses the specific liability issues of the hospitality industry through a variety of programs specifically designed to provide protection against third party claims resulting from clients products or service. Additionally, CIS supports our clientsí needs in non-insurable areas such as risk management as it relates to loss prevention and safety.

As an employee owned, independent insurance brokerage, Commercial Insurance Solutions is not tied to a single provider. Over the years, we access a group of highly respected, financially stable commercial insurance underwriters to offer our valued customers the best coverage at the lowest rates possible.

We also understand that our work isnít done once we write your policy. In fact, it’s just begun! We keep our finger on the pulse of the insurance industry and notify our clients of changes that could affect their coverage. In many cases, those changes create new opportunities for increasing their coverage without raising their premium costs.

Call us today at 1-888-613-2224. We’ll be happy to provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation comparison with your current insurance.

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