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Market Selection:

Simply having access to markets isn’t enough. Knowing which markets are commonly associated with certain types of risk - and leveraging relationships with those underwriters - is what enables us to help keep costs down. We nurture these relationships every day in order to achieve better results than competitors accessing the same markets.

Market Timing:

Similar to buying an “off-market” deal, taking advantage of maket conditions to secure premium savings is a simple concept. However, it’s very difficult to execute unless - like our team - you are focused in the market and able to move quickly.

Alternative Risk Transfer (ART):

ART utilizes techniques other than (or different from) traditional insurance to provide coverage or transfer the risk. Given the multitude of nuances associated with commercial real estate, ART has proven to be a highly effective tool in providing creative alternatives that better protect our clients.

Specialty Programs:

We create economies of scale by grouping locations to “buy down” the pricing and broaden coverage. These are set up in a number of ways - either by Risk Purchasing Groups, Carrier-Specific Programs, Captives, as well as Group Policies.

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